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Sordyl Noclegi 9.1 / 10

Góralska 4, 43-370 Szczyrk

Odległość od centrum: 3.1 kilometers

Come and stay with us! The resort is located just 100 metres from the largest skiing resort in Szczyrk - SON SZCZYRK Mountain Resort (Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski). In close proximity to the gondola lift. About 1000 metres from a chair lift on Skrzyczna. We are located on the very foot of the "Bieńkula" skiing trail on a crossroads of hiking and cycling trails. It is a perfect place for lovers of mountain cycling and downhill skiing. There is a great view of the mountains visible from our windows. In the same distance there is a skiing complex for people, that are just beginning their journey with skis, perfect for families with children or people just learning how to ski. Here you will find new and well equipped 2, 3, and 4- person rooms with a bathroom and additionally most of them are equipped with stylish wooden balconies to make your stay even better. We also offer a fully equipped kitchen where everyone can prepare their own meal and more. In our kitchen there is a closed separate cabinet allotted to each room, We offer a garden, a grill and a smokehouse which are at your disposal at all times. It is a perfect place for outdoor parties. If you would like to have fun and eat a good meal then come to the "CIOSANA" regional Tavern located just a couple of dozen metres away from the resort. There everyone will find something for themselves. Here you will also find a bicycle and ski storage (closed by a key), where each of the rooms has a booth allotted to it. So there is no worry that someone will scratch your equipment while taking theirs. You can also leave a change of clothes there. Here you put on skis near the house and ski to the ski lifts and return to the very house down the slope. Going downhill in a bicycle from Skrzyczny slope can end at the very house. Living here you will avoid traffic jams to get to a parking lot, parking fees and you will save time and energy spent on worrying about such trivialities. We invite you to come and visit our resort, we make it our mission to make the stay of our guests as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Our motto: Best guest - is a satisfied guest. Attention: the prices are not set and depend on the number of people, the season of the year and the length of stay. Sordyl - Noclegi Zbigniew Sordyl Góralska 4 street 43-...zobacz telefon Szczyrk ING BS 91 ...zobacz telefon 011...zobacz telefon

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  • 2 bed room with bathroom Liczba usług: 5

    from 80 / night
  • 3 bed room with bathroom Liczba usług: 5

    from 120 / night

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Ask about accommodation
from 80 zł / night

3 Reviews turystów 9.1 / 10

  • cena/jakość 10
  • czystość 9
  • obsługa 9.3
  • amenities 9.3
  • equipment 9.7
  • show on the map 9.3
  • wyżywienie 5.5
Michał Bohuszko

Michał Bohuszko

03.02.2020r. godz. 09:37:48

Byliśmy z rodziną już 2gi raz i kal będzie okazja to znowu tu przyjedziemy

Anita Czok

Anita Czok

bylismy tam w zeszlym roku i w tym juz mamy rezerwacje pomimo ze do centrum trzeba isc komfort i widok z pokoi obluga najwyzsza jakosc to miejsce stalo sie naszym corocznym mierjscem odpoczynku

Ola Sz

Ola Sz

Pobyt możemy zaliczyć do udanych. Pokoje czyste, zadbane. Kuchnia ogólnodostępna z wyposażenie dostępnym dla wszystkich. Centrum ok. 30 min spacerkiem.Polecamy.

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from 200 zł / night