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Noclegi "EL-DAW"

88B, 09-131 Joniec

Odległość od centrum: 0.4 kilometers

Our bases and rentals are located in picturesque towns of Joniec and Sochocin, located about 60 km away from Warszawa. We offer rafting trips that last a couple of hours as well as those that last a couple of days on Wkra river. We have a wide offer of canoes: for one person, for two people as well as canoes for two people plus a child and for three people. We provide transport to the start-point of the trip and a return to base. Our clients can count on our professional help with route planning depending on the skill and experience of the members of the group Additionally we offer lodgings with showers and hot water, a place for a grill and a bonfire as well as a bar in which we offer hot and cold drinks as well as hot snacks, beer, ice-cream and so on. Do you want to spend a nice weekend surrounded by nature but you don't have the time to go to the Mazury region? We are right next door! Come and you will not regret it! Do you not have an idea where to go on your holiday and you don't want to overextend your budget? El-Daw marina on the river in Joniec awaits! We offer rooms for 2, 4, 5 and 6 people with bathrooms as well as a wooden house with a bathroom - number of spots: 30. On the grounds of the resort there is the ability of pitching a tent. A bar, on request of the client - karaoke nights, team-building parties for companies and events for schools. We also recommend you check our our base in Sochocin.

Offer cenowa

  • 2 bed room Liczba usług: 1

    from 45 / person
  • 4 bed room Liczba usług: 1

    from 45 / person
  • 5 bed room Liczba usług: 4

    from 200 / night
  • Cottage (2 adults) Liczba usług: 1

    from 50 / night
  • Cottage (4 adults) Liczba usług: 1

    from 200 / night

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Ask about accommodation
from 50 zł / night

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