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Pensjonat "Grubcio" 10 / 10

Świerkowa 23A, 43-370 Szczyrk

Odległość od centrum: 1.6 kilometers

To make a reservation call us on the telephone only! The family hotel has 3 storeys with two suites, five bathrooms and four kitchens and 2, 3 and 4 - person rooms with a separate night bar on the lowest storey. The ability of renting out the whole resort for a group (about 21 people). A lovely and peaceful family hotel "GRUBCIO" is located on a slope of a forested mountain, about 550 metres above the sea level. Here you will find free rooms with beautiful panoramas of the slopes of Skrzyczne and surrounding mountains. We are open throughout the year. There are numerous cycling routes and ski trails as well as picturesque hiking paths here. Nearby there is a ski lift to the Skrzyczne mountain and drag lifts. We offer lodgings with boarding and without. Despite the location of the resort on a high mountain (which gives a great view of Szczyrk and nearby mountains) access to the resort is not a problem because there is an asphalt road. Due to our location almost on the very top of the mountain, surrounded by forests - peace and quiet permeates here. Our guests may use - outside: - a summer swimming pool - an outdoor bar - a roofer grill - a summer fireplace - a military field kitchen - a pond with trout that you can fish and smoke in a dedicated smokehouse. - a tennis court In the family hotel our guests can use: - table football - darts board - a billiards table - table tennis - a bar with sodas - a large living room equipped with a TV set, it can also serve as a place for dances and other entertainment - a winter room - a night bar with karaoke and a projector with dimensions of 280 cm x 150 cm and a disco The whole image is made better by an imposing fountain made from natural stone. Night lighting of the resort and the terrain adds splendour to this place.

Offer cenowa

  • 4 bed room Liczba usług: 3

    from 200 / night
  • Apartament 3-pokojowy 10-osobowy Liczba usług: 2

    from 500 / night
  • Two-bedroom Apartment (6 adults) Liczba usług: 1

    from 360 / night

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Ask about accommodation
from 200 zł / night

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1 opinia turystów 10 / 10

  • cena/jakość 10
  • czystość 10
  • obsługa 10
  • amenities 10
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