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Zglechów 24, 05-332 Siennica odległość od centrum: 0.6 kilometers

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tel: +48 501-225-997


Zglechów 24, 05-332 Siennica odległość od centrum: 0.6 kilometers

View telephone numbers

tel: +48 501-225-997

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3 bed room od 30 / person 4 See Ask about accommodation
4 bed room od 30 / person 1 See Ask about accommodation


Welcome. We invite everyone to our farm, in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, a short distance from Warsaw. It is here that the magnificence of the city rested, discovering the true beauty of the Polish countryside, surrounded by golden fields, lush meadows and forests full of mushrooms.
We have a newly renovated apartment building shared in full for our guests. The building consists of three parts, each with a separate entrance.
- The first consists of three passenger room with fireplace and kitchenette and a bathroom.
- Second, the largest, occupies two floors, consists of a spacious living room with small kitchen downstairs and three rooms on the floor. On the left there are two rooms (2 - and 3-bed) with shared bathroom, zaspo right is room 3 bed room with separate bathroom. On both sides there is also starting to balconies from every room.
- The third part is a 3-bed room with kitchenette, bathroom and terrace (now a makeshift will be expanded in the spring of 2012).
For each room there is a possibility of delivery from 1 to 2 additional beds. In each of the kitchen has a fridge and stove, and each part has a TV. The whole building is heated by a modern stove that provides hot water throughout the day and comfortable in winter.

Accommodation site in the database since: 2012-08-08

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  • Check in/Check out: from 12:00 to 12:00
  • At the disposal of guests: Grill, Place for a bonfire, Sports equipment rental
  • Within the facility: Sport i rekreacja (Tennis court, Sports pitch)
  • For guests with pets: Pets welcome
  • Meal options: Meal options (Dinner, Dinner and supper in one)
  • For families with children: Facilities for families with children (Playground [Sandbox, Slide, Trampoline])

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