Willa Dunajec

ul. Piłsudskiego 11, 34-325 Biały Dunajec

Odległość od centrum: 3.1 kilometers

Willa Dunajec - spend your vacations here! Are your children on summer vacation? Is your vacation time coming up? It is high time to put your feet down! In our villa you will be able to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city and forget about your daily troubles. The beautiful wild nature will allow everyone wanting to relax from the noise of the city and connect with nature, even for a few days, and then be re-energised and full of strength to come back to your daily life. About 500 m away from our villa there is a river which guarantees a great relaxation on hot summer days. Near the resort there are also Suche and Tokoland ski lifts so going skiing to Biały Dunajec will also be a viable option to have a good time. Our resort offers 45 sleeping spots in 2, 3, 4, 5 person rooms. The rooms have private bathrooms and a TV set. The price of the stay includes: - Lodgings with breakfast and dinner depending on the specific offer picked by the guest. - Lodgings in spacious rooms with bathrooms. - A closed comfortable parking lot for our guests. - Tasty regional food prepared from local produce. - A table tennis room, highlander feasting room. We also offer: - Organising of regional parties (also with highlander live music). - During the winter sleigh rides with a bonfire and sausage roasting. - During the winter a ski and snowboard rental in the centre of Zakopane. - During the summer a bicycle and scooter rental in the centre of Zakopane. - The ability to take care of children by adult supervisors. On our website there is the ability to reserve lodgings at the lowest prices possible! More details at

Offer cenowa

  • 2 bed room Liczba usług: 3

    from 100 / night
  • 3 bed room Liczba usług: 2

    from 150 / night
  • 4 bed room Liczba usług: 2

    from 200 / night
  • Single room Liczba usług: 3

    from 50 / night

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from 50 zł / night

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