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Domki "Falsztyn"

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City: Falsztyn

Price from: 250 całość


Agroturystyka Anna

Agrotourism in Ochotnicy Górnej

10 Rating
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os. Jamne 187, 34-453 Ochotnica Górna odległość od centrum: 4.8 kilometers


Domki Nadmorska Oaza

City: Jezierzany

Price from: 110 całość

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os. Jamne 187, 34-453 Ochotnica Górna odległość od centrum: 4.8 kilometers

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2 bed room from 25 / person 1 See Ask about accommodation
3 bed room from 25 / person 4 See Ask about accommodation
4 bed room from 25 / person 3 See Ask about accommodation
5 bed room from 25 / person 2 See Ask about accommodation


It is a place for everyone that looks for a place to rest away from the hustle and bustle, the noise and the traffic of the city. Those that want to take in amazing views and breathe clean fresh air. Our agricultural farm is located in a picturesque and quiet area that neighbours with Gorczański National Park. Nearby there are many tourist trails that can lead to places such as the peak of Gorce (40 minutes), Turbacz (3h), Lubań (3.5h) and others. The house is surrounded by forest, many meadows, valleys and hills from which sprawls a beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. In the summer you can go mushroom or berry picking or just explore the nearby forests. In the winter we recommend our chair lift (350 metres) as well as organise sleigh rides, bonfires and parties with a grill in a sheppard's cottage. A gazebo and a carousel on the grounds. The house is located away from the road which enables a peaceful and joyful time with your kids. For those wishing to visit Krościenka, Zakopane, Nowy Sącz, Stary Sącz, Nowy Targ and Szczawica our resort offers a great base from which to plan your trips. Nearby there is a shop (200 metres). We allow pets.
In your free time you can visit a nearby AVIATION MUSEUM or a wreck of a liberator type plane that crashed during the war. We also recommend car trips to Kraków and Wawel, to the Wieliczka salt mine, to Zakopane, to Szczawnica to a chair lift, to Nowy Sącz and Stary Sącz. As well as Slovakia and all the beautiful historic sites there.

On the grounds there are fenced parking spots. A separate entrance for the guests. Rooms are located on the first floor and in the attic. On the ground floor there is a large dining room / day room with a TV set and a DVD player. A common kitchen available to all guests. Next to the house there is a gazebo with a grill and a sandbox. A lot of greenery and a place to rest and play. We organise New Year's Eve and other parties, such as: Christmas Eve dinners. We encourage families, organised groups, school trips, winter and summer holidays. WE ARE OPEN THROUGHOUT THE YEAR !!!

We offer accommodations in five rooms, from 1 to 5 people in a room. On the first floor there are 3 rooms with a bathroom, two of which have a balcony. On the attic there are two rooms decorated in wood and a bathroom. A cordless kettle and radio on request. Lodgings for one person 25 PLN, for children under 5 50% off.
Boarding, tasty home-cooked from regional products. On request we offer half boarding: breakfast 10 PLN, dinner 16 PLN. Lodging + boarding 50 PLN


Accommodation site in the database since: 2011-03-15

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  • Check in/Check out: from 11:00 to 12:00
  • At the disposal of guests: Grill, Place for a bonfire, Udogodnienia – prasowanie/pranie (Iron and ironing board available, Laundering on request, Ironing on request)
  • Within the facility: Canteen
  • For business: Conference rooms
  • Internet: Internet (wifi)
  • For guests with pets: Pets welcome
  • Reception desk: Reception desk open 24/7
  • Meal options: Meal options (Breakfast, Dinner and supper in one)
  • For families with children: Wyposażenie dla rodzin z dziećmi, (Cot, Baby chair, Baby bathtub, Potty) Facilities for families with children (Playroom for children, Playground [Sandbox, Swings, Merry-go-round], TV/game/recreation room)

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  • Jagoda Witkowska

    Rating 10

    Jagoda Witkowska

    2019-08-07 08:32

    Jedzenie bardzo dobre, regionalne, śniadania i obiadokolacje idealne by najeść się do syta. Miejsce idealne do wyjścia na trasę w góry po Gorcach - położone praktycznie przy szlaku, dlatego oszczędzasz trochę czasu na dojście. Widok z domku na góry, przepiękny, a sam dojazd do agroturystyki bezproblemowy. Jeśli nigdy nie chodziłeś po Gorcach, albo byłeś, ale nie pamiętasz co i jak, właściciele pomogą Ci doradzą, gdzie jeszcze warto iść, albo podpowiedzą jaką inną trasę możesz wypróbować. Jakby coś było nie tak, też służą pomocą!

    • cena/jakość: 10/10
    • czystość: 10/10
    • obsługa: 10/10
    • udogodnienia: 10/10
    • wyposażenie: 10/10
    • lokalizacja: 10/10
    Departure: w parze
    Podróżujący ze zwierzętami
    Rodzina z dziećmi

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  • Anna Szlaga

    Rating 10

    Anna Szlaga

    • cena/jakość: 10/10
    • wyżywienie: 10/10
    • czystość: 10/10
    • obsługa: 10/10
    • udogodnienia: 10/10
    • wyposażenie: 10/10
    • lokalizacja: 10/10

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