Grape Town Hotel, SPA, Conference Center

Hotel in Zielonej Górze

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al. Wojska Polskiego 79, 65-762 Zielona Góra odległość od centrum: 3.6 kilometers


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City: Krynica-Zdroj

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al. Wojska Polskiego 79, 65-762 Zielona Góra odległość od centrum: 3.6 kilometers

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2 bed room from 379 / night 56 See Ask about accommodation
4 bed room from 999 / night 1 See Ask about accommodation


GRAPE TOWN HOTEL, SPA, Conference Center is a modern resort situated in a quiet part of Zielona Góra.

It is surrounded by forests which make the guests more in tune with Zielonogórian nature.

In its spacious interior there are geometrical forms and elegant white surfaces that coexist with elements inspired by winery traditions.



It is a dry sauna with a temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius. Perfect for people getting into sauna relaxation due to its mild temperature. The stay in the sauna will be made better by a slight hint of lemon oil. Lemon oil can be used to treat flu or anxiety but this is just the beginning of its benefits.


It is a dry sauna with a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius. Scent of herb essential oils wafting through the air is soothing and refreshing. Herb inhalation enhances the respiratory system and relaxes people.
In the bread sauna we have a higher temperature than in other saunas, it is about 90 degrees Celsius. Guests will find there a loaf of bread - it is a prelude of the sensations inside.


Steam sauna, also called a Turkish Sauna in which there is about 45-50 degrees Celsius and a high humidity of about 90-100%/ The steam bath is a room padded with ceramic mosaic. It is equipped with seating spaces and showers destined to soak seating space with water as well as keeping the legs cool. The source of warmth is direct steam. In the sauna you can have steam baths in hot air filled with water vapor.


Aromatherapy is a treatment using essential oils that are introduced into the organism through inhalation and breathing them in. Inside there is seating space, there is also ceramic mosaic. The stay will be made better by colorful light beams. The smell of flowers will bring your organism to balance and reinvigorate your vital strengths. It is a perfect place for relaxation and winding down.


This room is located in a separate area. It is equipped in 4 mosaic loungers on which you can lay down and relax bathed in atmospheric lighting surrounded by candles. It is a moment for you, you can be absolutely OFF-LINE.


Our salt cave is built from salt taken from the mine in Kłodowa. The atmosphere of the Salt Cave replenishes and strengthens the immune system/ A 45 minute session gives as much element beneficial to the human body as a couple-day stay at the seaside. The salt cave is used in treating many afflictions and prevention. Sessions can strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, delay aging of the skin, accelerate metabolic processes. Everyone can take part in the therapy sessions in the cave. Salt Cave sessions are beneficial for elders as well as for children and infants. Pregnant women can also take part in the sessions (although it would be good to ask a doctor just to be safe).


On the grounds of the SPA our guests may also use a Jacuzzi with warm water, in which they may take relaxing baths.


In this section there are: cooling showers, with a shower in which water is suspended in a bucket above your head, a cooling swimming pool, a closed "cave" room in which ice is depositing. It can provide a "yang" to the hot baths we offer.


Lovers of active relaxation will surely love the fact that they may use a squash court. The possibility of renting equipment (balls and racquets).


Our intimate teahouse is an excuse to sit comfortably and relax for a while. Brewing tea is a sort of a ritual. To extract what is best from the leaves or dried fruit you need time, proper ceramic, appropriate water temperature and a high quality of tea. Each day we offer different teas that are imported from all over the world.


Here you can find cold non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, fruit juice as well as an assortment of beers and wines carefully picked out by our sommelier. Aside from the drinks, our guests will also find tasty snacks there.

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  • Check in/Check out: from 14:00 to 18:00
  • At the disposal of guests: Kitchen available, Udogodnienia Spa/wellness
  • Conveniences: Facilities for disabled persons, Air conditioning, Elevator
  • Within the facility: Bar/Restaurant, (Restaurant) Sport i rekreacja (Gym/fitness club)
  • For car driving guests: Parking lot/Garage (Parking lot)
  • For business: Conference rooms
  • Internet: Internet (wifi)
  • Payments: Credit cards accepted
  • Reception desk: Reception desk open 24/7
  • Meal options: Meal options (Breakfast, Dinner, Supper)
  • For families with children: Facilities for families with children (Playroom for children)
  • Location details: The site is located in Zielona Gora: - na Przyjaźni - na Zaciszu