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ul. Torfowa 7, 43-460 Wisła odległość od centrum: 1.5 kilometers


Hotel Orlik

City: Krynica-Zdroj

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ul. Torfowa 7, 43-460 Wisła odległość od centrum: 1.5 kilometers

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2 bed room from 99 / night 4 See Ask about accommodation
3 bed room from 135 / night 3 See Ask about accommodation
4 bed room from 139 / night 3 See Ask about accommodation



Our villa is a great place for families with children. We encourage entire multi-generation families to use our offer - each of the family members will find something for themselves, regardless of their age. Seniors will rest in a peaceful area and beautiful scenery, parents will walk and eat a romantic dinner and children will be able to play in the play room and the garden.

The family hotel is located in a charming district of Wisla - Nowa Osada, located 1.5 km from the Adam Małysz ski-jumping hill in Wisła Malinka.

The inside of Willa Retro are stylish and cosy, they are made more charming by wooden waxed furniture and trinkets in the retro style.
We have 2 - person rooms with the ability to put in extra beds (for 3 and 4 people), with a bathroom and a balcony. Our guests may also use a modern excellently equipped kitchen. Our guests can spend their evenings in a fireplace room while playing games or watch a movie on DVD. Behind the house there is a gazebo in which you can grill even when the weather turns sour as well as on winter days.
Our guests have access to a fenced parking lot, on which they can safely leave their cars.

Winter in the mountains is truly beautiful! The snow creates a fairy-tale-like landscape.

The family hotel is located on a spot located just 3 km from the centre of the city.

Willa Retro is located in close vicinity to the forest, cycling routes, hiking and tourist trails. A winter attraction are the nearby ski lifts.
willaretro.dobrynocleg.pl www.willaretro.pl

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  • Check in/Check out: from 14:00 to 11:00
  • At the disposal of guests: Grill, Fireplace room, Sports equipment rental, Kitchen available, Udogodnienia – prasowanie/pranie (Washing machine available, Iron and ironing board available, Laundering on request)
  • Internet: Internet (wifi)
  • Meal options: Meal options (Breakfast, Dinner, Dinner and supper in one)
  • For families with children: Wyposażenie dla rodzin z dziećmi, (Cot, Baby chair, Baby bathtub, Potty) Facilities for families with children (Playroom for children, Playground [Sandbox, Swings, Slide], TV/game/recreation room)
  • Location details: The site is located in Wisla: - na Nowej Osadzie

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  • Inglor Lossëhelin

    Rating 8.3

    Inglor Lossëhelin

    • cena/jakość: 8/10
    • czystość: 10/10
    • obsługa: 10/10
    • udogodnienia: 7/10
    • wyposażenie: 7/10
    • lokalizacja: 8/10

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  • Bogdan

    Rating 7.4


    Wyposażenie pokoju bardzo skromne.

    • cena/jakość: 7/10
    • wyżywienie: 8/10
    • czystość: 10/10
    • obsługa: 9/10
    • udogodnienia: 7/10
    • wyposażenie: 3/10
    • lokalizacja: 8/10

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  • Monika

    Rating 9.7


    Bardzo pozytywnie oceniam :) Mili gospodarze, czysto i przyjemnie. Zdecydowanie warto wybrać się na dłuższy wypoczynek

    • cena/jakość: 10/10
    • czystość: 10/10
    • obsługa: 10/10
    • udogodnienia: 10/10
    • wyposażenie: 9/10
    • lokalizacja: 9/10

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