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Take a rest …naturally in the Four Ponds Valley The Four Ponds Valley is situated in the unusual corner of Skopów. The Valley has a unique terraced shaping and covers over 2 hectares of an enclosed area. Four fish ponds are located on this land and their water is drawn off from the spring and the so-called “pond-spring”. The charming area is surrounded from three sides by the forest. All around you can admire the hills of Pogórze Przemyskie and Dynowskie. This is the ideal place for resting, organized integration, outdoor events, birthday and name day parties. The basic scope of pleasure The Four Ponds Valley’s offer is addressed to all those who search for a unique place for resting, organized meetings, corporate and occasional events in a far from the city center location guaranteeing quiet and independence. We organize: outdoor and integration meetings for groups in the adapted to all seasons banquet cottage, there is a place for 40 people, a bricked barbecue place, and a wood-fired oven for baking bread and pizza, eco group events, eco-integration, e.g. common tree planting, baking bread by the recipes of housewives from Skopów, workshops of regional cuisine, open-air photography, active recreation - recreational fishing with opportunity to use the equipment available in the company, walking and biking trips on the wooden architecture trail, We offer unique and tasty barbecue dishes by proven recipes and we recommend wines from the Galician Wine Stores. The Four Ponds Valley is also an excellent place for passive recreation close to nature, in quiet and beautiful surroundings. We offer accommodation in two wooden caravans stylized as Gypsy wagons. The Four Ponds Valley is also an interesting stop on the way to Bieszczady and Ukrainian Carpathians.
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Wspaniałe miejsce.Cisza,spokój,czyste powietrze.Wędkarski raj :)

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