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Marina Polmax - Studia, Pokoje 9.3 / 10

Esteemed Guests! You can use our small intimate resort with its own yacht marina located in the forest near a river with an access to the beach - a perfect place for those that like to vacation in peace near nature. Our resort is a perfect place for people and families wishing to relax in one of the most beautiful places on the Polish seaside surrounded by greenery and the forest as well as located right at the beach. The resort is located about 100 m from a forest lake - right up Dziwna river estuary to the sea as well as on the only access to the beach and the lake on this side of the river. We offer two wooden multi-storey summer houses - one of them has rooms, the other has facilities for sailors. On the ground floor: 3 two-room studios (2 x 3 person + 1 x 4 person) - each one with a bathroom, a fridge, an electric kettle and cutlery. On the first floor: 3 clear rooms. Room #4 is a large 4-person room - one marital bed and 2 single couches. Room #3 can fit 2-3 people (1 double couch and 1 sofa), room #2 has two single couches. All of the rooms have a bathroom, a fridge and an electric kettle as well as cutlery. There is a possibility of leaving your camping trailers, caravans and even tents. On the grounds of the lot: a parking lot, many places for a grill, a place for a bonfire, piers for fishermen. The lot is fenced. Our yacht marina can fit 20 yachts. We have full facilities for sailors. The ability to moor to the waterfront or the buoys. We accept boats with a draft of 0.5 to 1.8 m. Beyond the bridge there is a fuelling station for boats and yachts where you can purchase any amount of petrol or oil. Further down beyond the bridge in the shipyard there is a crane for up to 80 tonnes allowing to take your yacht out of the water and fix the hull. We accept and like animals, come to us with your pet.
www.marina-polmax.pl marina-polmax.dobrynocleg.pl
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1 opinia turystów 9.3 / 10

  • cena/jakość 10
  • czystość 10
  • obsługa 9
  • amenities 9
  • equipment 9
  • show on the map 10
  • wyżywienie 8
Maciej Stępień

Maciej Stępień

Marina Polmax posiada niezwykłe położenie tuż przy plaży i jeziorze. Z domku wychodzisz na brzeg rzeki Dziwny. Do czystej plaży z ratownikiem idziesz nową promenadą 5 minut wzdłuż rzeki. Cudowny wypoczynek!

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