Agroturystyka Ostoja Pod Czarną Piłą

<b>We will be glad to welcome you on our farm</b>, which is an ideal base for exploring the beautiful region of Lublin. In our B&B you will find an intimate atmosphere and a place for active recreation, and many interesting places to visit nearby. Here you will find space, quiet and a wonderful climate. We ensure forest-scented air, shade under the apple tree and a wonderful rural landscape. We guarantee that in our B&B in a pleasant way you will spend your holiday and any free time. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and with the attractions which we provide. <b>Enthusiasts of the unique wildlife</b>, wild birds and unique landscapes will find their place here. It is an ideal place for those who like walking, cycling, fishing and canoeing. Our B&B is far away from the main road which increases the safety of children visiting our farm. We invite you to explore the region of Lublin – any help how to spend time around here in an attractive way and explore the beautiful county of Pulawy you will find in the materials prepared by us. We offer our advice and any assistance in organizing the holidays. We are open all year round. Welcome! <b>Region of Lublin</b> offers an amazing combination of tourist attractions, outstanding qualities of landscape and wildlife. This is not the region where you can get bored. Just county of Pulawy alone offers many interesting places to visit which are not possible to be counted. Spectacular view where the Hog river flows into the Vistula river, dozens of museums, charming pubs, and many more - too long to mention. You must simply see, touch and taste all of this. <b>For your convenience</b> we have provided for our guests the whole floor. There are two spacious, bright bedrooms with a view on the apple orchard full of singing birds, which in the morning makes getting up really pleasant. The first bedroom is called music room. You can play there on the guitar or drums or you can listen to music from a large collection of records from around the world. In the second one - picturesque room you can improve the line and brush stroke. Good light in this room favors conducive to developing the visual arts. Moreover we have made available for you: - fireplace room, where you can stretch on the sofa or relax by the glow of flames, - pellucid room - with three glass walls, which offers a panoramic view on the farm. The extraordinary atmosphere of these rooms allows you to relax, meditate and spend time playing with family and friends. The spacious kitchen is equipped with gas stove, fridge, freezer and all necessary and unnecessary things to prepare and eat more or less elaborate dishes. On the first floor there is also a large bathroom with bath and shower. <b>Everything here</b>, on our farm, was prepared in such a way to make your stay pleasant and to create conditions to rest and relax after your active days spend exploring beautiful region of Lubelszczyzna. On the farm there are many attractions for you to use and try: spacious backyard, where you can play various games, pool and playground. Everything is far away from car traffic and neighbours. <b>There is also apple orchard</b>, where, in the shadow of the huge branches, you can take a nap in a hammock, or read a book. In our B&B you will also find a small but unique museum of antiquities and curiosities collected over half a century, where we encourage to touch all the exhibits . During rainy days, the barn is open to our guests. There you will find tennis table, darts and bowling. You can also organize, for example archery competitions there. On our farm there are: space for a bonfire, grill, and many places waiting to be discovered. Our offer includes also bicycles, cross-country skis, poles for competitive walking, football and badminton. <b>Attractions - up to 30 km</b> In the distance of a few steps from our B & B there are large forests full of mushrooms and wild game. You can safely spend a few hours walking, nordickwalking, or biking on the marked trails, admire wildlife and interesting history connected with these sites. All routes are described in detail here. Three kilometers from the farm there is <b>beautifully meandering the Hog river, which is called "Prince of Lublin’s rivers basins"</b>. It is the river full of secrets and its natural values ​led to its inclusion in the European network of protected areas Nature 2000. While few-hours canoeing you will experience amazing sensations. Sand martins passed by will enrapture you with their flight and hollows. Rich vegetation of "Pradolina Wieprza" has become a habitat for rare species of birds, among others grebes, landrail, European pendulines, kestrels, mute swans, marsh-harriers, and of animals: otters, pond turtles and beavers. More about the natural qualities of this living river read here. Birds lovers, but not only they, are very much welcomed for excursion to <b>the Czapliniec and Piskory Lake natural reserves</b>, where Eurasian bittern, Western marsh-harrier, common buzzard, black stork and the grey heron have their habitats. The anglers will find nearby the fisheries full of carps, crucians and frogs’ croaking. Visiting neighborhood you are invited to see the Gothic church, the old wooden windmill, wooden farm architecture and the ruins of a brickyard. <b>Attractions - more than 30 km</B> The area seethes with places to visit. <b>Lublin</b> with its magnificent Old Town and the castle, where the unique worldwide the Chapel of the Holly Trinity with incredible frescos can be seen. <b>Palace complex in Kozłowka</b> with an exceptional park, aviaries with many exotic birds and interesting museum of socialist realism. Pulawy, famed <b>Kazimierz Dolny by the Vistula</b>, Janowiec, <b>health-resort in Naleczow</b> and many more a bit smaller, but still attractive towns and villages will let you make your stay stuffed with adventures and fun as well as get know history and the past of the region. <b>Welcome!</b>
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