Leśny Dworek Winnica 9.9 / 10

Leśny Dworek is a vacation resort located on a 2.5 ha fenced safe lot with a fence separating it from the street. On the grounds of the resort there is a lot of attraction for children and adults alike. They include: a pond for fishing, a swimming pool with heated water, a tennis court, a playground for children, board games, a trampoline, sports pitches (football, volleyball, badminton), a table tennis table, table football, a bicycle rental - for an additional surcharge, sports equipment, a place for grills and firepits, a smokehouse. We are a resort friendly for families with children! We were awarded with a certificate in the prestigious "Hotel przyjazny rodzinie" competition. Our score equalled 80.5%. We were also appreciated by receiving a certificate in the Gufik programme - "Obiekty noclegowe przyjazne dzieciom w Polsce" as well as "Okiem Mamy" certificate. Our guests can use the green ground of the resort that is filled with laughter and great fun! We have prepared many amenities with families with children in mind - high chairs for children, - small beds for children, - electronic nannies, - childproof electric sockets, - a baby-changing station, - a bottle heater - plates and bowls for children, - a play-corner in the resort, - a play-corner in the dining room, - toys, dolls, books, colouring books and toy cars, - two playgrounds with swings and slides, - a hammock and a baton, - a small swimming pool and inflatable toys. We are unique among other resorts because of a vineyard located on the grounds of our resort. Our guests can taste as well as buy our wine as a keepsake. We also make our own preserves - goose pate, lard, cherry jam, plum jam! Another undeniable attraction is the fact that we are located just 10 m from a forest perfect for long walks and mushroom picking. The place is full of greenery and fresh air which will enable you to have complete peace and rest from the everyday fast life. The speciality of Leśny Dworek is our tasty and health cuisine. It is an undeniable paradise for gourmands that value a high quality of the meals they will be served. Our cooks meticulously create the blends of produce and spices in the meals with our guests in mind. The cuisine will be one of the things you will miss the most! During the evenings there is the Hunter's Lodge for our guests where there are bonfires organised each Thursday. We have cosy wooden summer houses for 5 people (2 rooms + a bathroom, a TV set, a fridge, a cordless kettle, tableware, beach equipment) as well as rooms in the Manor (a room + a bathroom, a TV set, a fridge, a cordless kettle, tableware, beach equipment). Our guests will be provided with parking spaces on the grounds of the resort as well as Wi-Fi internet connection.
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1 opinia turystów 9.9 / 10

  • cena/jakość 10
  • czystość 10
  • obsługa 10
  • amenities 10
  • equipment 10
  • show on the map 9
  • wyżywienie 10
Anna Raczkowska

Anna Raczkowska

To był cudowny weekend majowy! Dzieci wybawiły się jak nigdy, nie musieliśmy ich non stop pilnować, my wypoczęliśmy, jedzenie super, kort tenisowy pierwsza klasa! Polecam!

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