Agroturystyka Dzwonkowska Danuta 9 / 10

Majkowskiego 15A, 83-322 Stężyca
We gladly would like to present to you our tourist offer available throughout the year. Spend your vacations in Our Home in Stężyca in the Kaszuby region. Our offer features comfortable luxurious summer flats as well as guest rooms. The resort is located away from the main road on Stężyckie lake, just 200m away from the forest. The lot is fenced and has a parking space. A well-kept garden is great to relax in while being outside. Our guests may use: - 7 rooms, including 2 day rooms with lounging furniture that double as sleeping spots, two TV sets with satellite television packages, two radios, PS2 games, access to the internet, two fully equipped kitchens, three bathrooms, two terraces, a spacious staircase with a balcony and lounging furniture. Our guests may use the garden: a grill, a gazebo, a swing for 4 people, a sandbox, a bonfire, a pond, a parking space for cars. - a summer flat on the upper floor (3rd level of sun according to PFTW guidelines) for 12 people: four rooms, one large bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, 110m2, a TV set, a radio, a large multi storey porch with a balcony, a terrace overlooking the lake and the forests. There is a possibility of renting specific rooms. We also rent mountain bicycles for 5 PLN/day. - a summer flat downstairs (3rd level of sun according to PFTW guidelines) for 8 people - three rooms, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a TV set, a radio, a large terrace, an independent entrance, about 100m2 Prices: a minimum of 35 PLN, a maximum of 50 PLN. - a detached heated house consisting of a room with kitchenette and a bathroom for 2 to 4 people - a fully equipped kitchen, a TV set, furniture, exit to an adjacent small intimate garden with furniture and a grill, price 120 PLN/day Price for the rental of the whole house is 700 PLN. Price per person depending on the dates 35/50 PLN in case of individual room rentals. Why come to us: * communal feasting * mushroom picking * the ability to go on interesting hiking and cycling trips * the Raduńskie lakes loop provides excellent conditions for rafting * the ability of purchasing produce * an art exposition of paintings done by the hostess inside of the house (glass and canvass paintings), the ability to purchase art Nearby attractions: - Wdzydze - an ethnographic park - Węsiory - stone circles - Gołubie - a botanical garden - Szymbark - a ski lift - Wiezyca - an overlook tower - Kościerzyna - a railway open-air museum - Kartuzy - a Museum for the Kaszuby region - Będomin - National Anthem Museum, the birthplace of Józef Wybicki - Stężyca - a historic church from 1706 - Malbork - a Teutonic Knights' castle - Bytów - a Teutonic Knights' castle - Garczyn - an ostrich farm - Mylfów - a water dam - Łapalice - an unfinished castle with 12 fortified towers symbolising the 12 apostles that has been recently opened for tourists - Szymbark - Regional Education and Promotion Centre Danm,ar where there are a lot of exhibitions on out history like a locomotive from 1942 with cattle wagons in which Russians sent Polish people to Syberia. - The longest plank in the world (36.83m long). It had been cut for 9 days. There had to be 50 strong men to hang it up on the wall. From the other part of the tree trunk a table for 230 people had been made. - Soviet camp replica recreated according to plans drawn up by the Borwiczan - post-war Home Army deportees - Wankier replica, one of the fractions of the Pomeranian Griffin, a patriotic organisation operational during the World War II on the grounds of the Kaszuby region - Moose Valley. They have been brought from Sweden by the owner who set up his own farm, in the shop adjacent to the farm you can purchase banknotes made from paper manufactured from moose droppings. We encourage you to purchase folk handicraft of the Kaszuby region. The Kaszuby region can be defined by their half-wild lakes, inside the last 13 years the number of fishermen rose from 500 to 5000. We will gladly welcome you!

Offer cenowa

  • 2 bed room Liczba usług: 1

    from 100 / night
  • 4 bed room Liczba usług: 3

    from 35 / person
  • 6 bed room Liczba usług: 1

    from 35 / person
  • Apartament 2-pokojowy 8-osobowy Liczba usług: 1

    from 35 / person
  • Cottage (4 adults) Liczba usług: 1

    from 120 / night

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Ask about accommodation
from 100 zł / night

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Alicja Sosnowska

Alicja Sosnowska

Z pobytu jestem zadowolona. Spędziłam z przyjaciółmi bardzo miły tydzień, pogoda dopisała. Gospodyni miła i serdeczna. Apartament z jakiego korzystałam dość przestronny i niekrępujący. Dom stoi w pewnym od...

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