Gościnny Domek

Cottage in Karpaczu

Brak oceny

Przemysłowa 5, 58-540 Karpacz


Domki Nadmorska Oaza

City: Jezierzany

Price from: 110 całość


Przemysłowa 5, 58-540 Karpacz


A vacation house with a surface area of 150 m² for three families/groups located on a lot with a surface area of 300 m².
The resort is located a 6 minute car drive away from the centre. A pleasant intimate place overlooking Śnieżka mountain. Nearby there is Tesco, Birdonka.

The house is separated into 3 parts:
In the first part there is a bathroom, a kitchen, a room with a double bed and a foldable couch.
The second part has an exit to a large terrace. It consists of a kitchen with a dining area, a living room with a foldable couch. Three rooms, including two with two single beds and a foldable couch in the third one.
The third part has a kitchenette with a foldable couch, a bathroom and a room with a foldable couch.
Each part of the house has a separate entrance.
Adjacent to the house there is a garden in which you can have a barbecue.

Accommodation site in the database since: 2019-07-10

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