Hotel Pałac

Hotel *** Palace is located in Forest Park of Culture and Recreation Myślęcinek in Bydgoszcz, very attractive in terms of landscape and nature. The property was built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the estate of Myślęcinek. Restored in 1994-1998, then in the years 2011 - 2012, regained its former glory. The hotel is adjacent to the Botanical Gardens (11 cascading ponds, 430 species of plants), Polish Fauna Garden - ZOO (500 specimens of animals) and stud (30 horses for riding or slede). Hotel *** PALACE, although located just 5km from the center of the city of Bydgoszcz guarantees silence, contact with nature and fresh air. We offer 15 rooms with en-suite (8 doubles, 5 singles and 2 suites), equipped with TV, wifi internet access and telephone lines. All rooms are decorated in Art Nouveau style. For atmosphere, unique style and special quality of services have been recognized and honored by Pascal highest honors.
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